Wednesday, October 03, 2007

St. Louis Arch

This picture has been posted on my other blog since January of 2006. I like it so much I decided to post it here too.


Aviatrix said...

Nice work - you have a good eye for composition. I found your site through Rick Lee's photo blog. He's right - definitely a cut above the average. I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to visiting again!

The Queen B said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm flattered that you find my site worth bookmarking - you've made my day!

Feel free to subscribe via email if you'd like updates to come right to your mailbox. Otherwise, I do try to post every 2 days, since I'm still digging out some of my favorite snaps that have been hiding on my computer.

You should start a blog of your own!

Pastor_Jeff said...

Hi! I also found your blog through Rick Lee's. You have a good eye. It's a pleasure to look through your fine photos (and to find another St. Louisan on the 'net).

Keep up the good work!

The Queen B said...

Thank you for your nice comment Pastor Jeff - I hope I did your beautiful Arch justice!

We were visiting family in your fine city, and found the city and the Arch to be something very special. With any luck we will make it back for a repeat visit.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Well then, I'm glad you came to visit, and hope you had a good time.

Did you get to the Botanical Gardens? They are absolutely beautiful and full of wonderful photo opportunities.

The Queen B said...

Our visit was at Christmas time, so we'll have to make a spring or summer trip to visit the gardens - usually a stop on any trip we take.

We had a great visit to the Pere Marquette State Park nearby, where we took a nice hike and found enough snow for a snowball fight!

I have pictures from our St. Louis trip on my family blog:

We did have a very nice time in your city - now we'll have to come back and experience it in the warm weather.