Tuesday, October 16, 2007

lightning crashes

Not the best picture, but a happy accident while playing with my new camera during a 3 am storm in Chicago.

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Code Red said...

Fantasimo! I love your shot, K-Doodle. I appreciate your comments on Vazaar, but I need to comment on this photo! For me, I feel that I try to make things too traditional, too perfecto medio. I forget to be loose and appreciate scenes for the view. This picture, it's great. The rain on the window adds an invaluable depth. The lightning off the water yells an ominous greeting - "Hello, enjoy the flurry, the fury!", while the buildings give false-security, structure, familiarity. I'm from Montana, we don't have these things. I don't see skyscrapers, I don't see storms that result in lightning off of water, it just doesn't happen. So, in my captivation, I'll just say that photos are relative. There might be things that you would change, things which would lead you to feel it's "just not right"...but also know that the rest of us don't know any better, we just appreciate it if we're capable as people. I say nice work, nice vision. Keep that "something" in your eye...it seems to belong.

Let me know if you want to contribute to a little blog in Montana. It's quiet, but lives.