Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what a fruit

Faces in the most unlikely places. How many faces do you see when you take a moment to really look? This totally random face appeared after I tossed Emma's banana into the basket.

It made me think of a very cool website where people upload the faces they find in different places - Check it out - it might just change how you look at things! Also a great place to visit if you're feeling blue in the slightest...

just a building

Haven't posted in a while... walked out from a parking garage after the St. Paddy's parade to the sight of this building, and just found it interesting and large. Funny how I spend time in other cities checking so much out, yet don't take the time to do that in my own city. So much to see and photograph. This summer it will be my mission to make it downtown on a regular basis and document my summer city discoveries.