Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Man of Many Faces

Ok, I don't write much on this blog, but a couple of chaps I admire and had the pleasure of working with on the short film Penance last summer, have recently launched their own comedy sketch channel on YouTube called Daily Fiber Films. Seeing that I'd like to help promote their talents in any way I can, I'm here to shamelessly plug you with some Fiber by encouraging you to check out their first installment, titled BFF - it's funny!

Raymond as Dennis, a young adult with Asperger's Syndrome

Taste-testing the puke; perfect flavor!

Which brings me to these pictures I took onset of the very talented Raymond McAnally, an accomplished actor who played a lead role in the film. His role was serious, but off camera he had everyone rolling with laughter with his stories and characters. To top it off, he's a true gentleman, kind, and very professional. Check out his website to see reels of his various projects, including his work on Penance. Be sure to meet Travis - he is a hoot!

Getting his Chippendale's on

The other half of this Dynamic Fiber Duo is the writer and director of Penance, Ryan Gould, a
very talented photographer and film maker who was generous and kind enough to let a rookie like myself, work with his art director. Check out his website to see a clip of his award winning film PG.

Ryan, probably wondering when I'm going to stop taking pictures of everything...